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Fire Interview
The Storyteller Method

How it came to be...

"Fire Interview, The Storyteller Method" came into existence out of necessity. For years, Brendon was the go-to guy for helping people with their interview skills who were trying to get on the fire department. He would individually print out packets for people with his method on it, but it became costly and time consuming. Word spread that his method worked without having to memorize a bunch of pre-made answers to hundreds of possible fire department interview questions, but with a family and full-time job there just wasn't enough time in the day to help everyone individually. The only books on the market at the time were just that, hundreds of pages with hundreds of answers to memorize to an impossible amount of interview questions. And thus "Fire Interview" the book was born!

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Having been sold in several countries, The Storyteller Method has been proven over and over to work with all different styles of interviews, even for jobs not related to public safety. The Storyteller method will set you apart from other applicants, leaving an impression your future employer won't forget!

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