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The number one question we get is "aside from interview prep, what else can I do to be the best fire fighter candidate?" The answer is fitness and health. Fire fighting is an extremely physical job and requires a unique fitness approach focused on functional movements. Naturally with great fitness comes health an nutrition. We have partnered with some amazing companies to bring you the fitness and nutrition side. 

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Brendon Trayner had the incredible opportunity to partner with Navy SEAL and six-time Crossfit Games participant Josh Bridges! Together they bring you the Fit For Fire program. Fit For Fire focuses on the functional movements that will prepare you for your fire cadet, intern, or academy programs as well as help you maintain your fitness as a career firefighter. 


In order for your body to be at its optimal health and fitness you need to fuel it with the right foods and supplements. XEndurance has all of your supplement and hydration needs covered! Used by professional athletes and fire fighters alike XND has supplements for everything from energy, to focus, fat burn, and joint support, pre and probiotic, even sleep support. Take the quiz to find out what supplements match your lifestyle!

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