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What do actual attendee's say about the Fire Interview seminar?

I asked a bunch of instagram followers who have attended a Fire Interview seminar in the past some common questions I usually get when we announce seminar dates. After all, who best to answer unbiasedly than people who are actively pursuing a fire department job and using the Storyteller method themselves.

The Questions


1. Before attending the seminar, had you already heard of and read Fire Interview the book? 

       -If yes, do you think the seminar was still beneficial even though you already knew the Storyteller method steps from reading the book? 

       -If not, did you feel the seminar was thorough enough that you could follow along and learn the steps without having read the book first?

Clay: Yes, I do think it’s beneficial because everyone has a different style of learning and it helps to hear first hand sometimes to put it all tougher.

Evan:I had read a little bit of the book because a friend had it! - Even if I had not read the book the seminar was still super beneficial for me. Hearing it in person was really moving, also there was some bonus things that he stated and also touched on really important topics.

Drew: No, I had not read nor heard of the book before attending. I felt the seminar was thorough enough to help me without reading the book first, but I definitely think the book is worth reading after to solidify the information.

2. Do you feel more confident in your interview skills after attending the seminar?

Clay: Yes and no. I have a better understanding of the over all concept but the process is still terrifying haha.

Evan: Yes, very good insight that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t attend the seminar. Big one being my personal story and I’m a buzz lighter on a shelf with a bunch of others and the only way to set myself apart is my story cause no one else has that.

Drew: I feel infinitely more confident with my interviewing skills after attending.

3. Would you recommend the Fire Interview Seminar to anyone who is thinking about applying to a fire department whether or not they had read the book?

Clay: Yes, going into the interview process you can use all the help you can get. It’s a great tool to have in your pocket.

Evan: I would 100% recommend this seminary to people thinking about applying. I feel it gives you a structure to go off of rather than trying to figure it out for myself.

Drew: I would recommend the book to anyone well needs help with interviews. As a matter of fact, I’ve recommended the book to several friends, some of which I’ve recommended the book to despited them going into non-Fire related fields. Overall, I would 100% recommend the book and the seminar to anyone looking to improve interview skills, including careers that are unrelated to fire and rescue.

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